Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

‘Progressive Web Apps (PWA)’ is a concept devised in 2015 by Google Chrome engineer Alex Russell, and is a future web technology introduced at Google I/O 2016, sometimes abbreviated as PWA . PWA is oriented toward the web that gradually develops to the level of the app. Ultimately, the goal is to provide an app-level user experience on the web.


Why PWA? (Strength of PWA)

If you build a new site created with WordPress as PWA ( Progressive Web Apps) (Excerpt: What is Progressive Web Apps? )

  • Native apps depend on the platform (Android, iOS) and require a lot of time and effort to develop, but PWA is developed by extending the web, and the added time, effort, and construction cost is less than 50% cheaper than the app.
  • Although the app is not exposed on the search portal, the PWA is a web (URL), so it is exposed to search engines (Naver, Google, Daum, Zoom, etc.) ) is possible.
    (For reference, this site,, is getting about 13,000 monthly inflows from search engines on 20..8.28. Assuming that the cost per click is KRW 1,000, and converting this to the advertising cost per click, it means that you can get an advertising effect of KRW 13 million per month for free. It should be noted that the effect of reducing advertising costs by 15 million won is not possible only with PWA, but only when the Haeda website is well-optimized for search engine (SEO).
  • You can add a shortcut icon to your Home Screen to make it easy to find (which can significantly increase your inflow and return visits).
  • Send unlimited free push notifications to drive re-entry or conversions. (This means that, although it is the cheapest and most effective marketing technique, it has a stronger marketing tool than e-mail marketing, which has been ignored only in Korea. It also means that it has a very powerful marketing tool as an alternative to free SMS marketing. )
  • In addition, it works even in an offline state so that users can use the site even if the web server is stopped.
  • It has the strength (business feasibility) to be ranked at the top by receiving a high score for search engine optimization with a loading speed that is 4 times faster than the general web.



Example of a shopping mall built with Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Click to check on your smartphone.



Example of homepage/blog built with Progressive Web Apps (PWA, Progressive Web Apps)

The screen below shows a site built as a progressive web app. It’s easy to see that there are shortcuts on the phone, that it provides a seamless app-like user experience, and that it’s incredibly fast.


(Source: Do you know Google’s ‘Progressive Web Apps’? )




Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Development Cost

  • Shopping mall : KRW 1,000,000 / per site (VAT excluded)
  • Homepage/Blog: 800,000 won / per site (VAT excluded)
  • https construction cost: 200,000 won / per site (VAT excluded)
  • Development prerequisites 1. This is possible only if your site is built with WordPress. 2. Your site should be “https://”. (You must use SSL as the communication protocol because a security certificate is installed on your server.)



For companies or individuals who want to develop their own, please refer to our other posts below.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

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