Google Local Information (Google My Business (GMB), Google My Business)


A marketing service from Google that promotes your business by making it appear on Google Search and Google Maps so that customers can find your business no matter what device they use.


Reasons to register and optimize (top exposure) in Google Local Information (GMB)


1. Why ? Is Google My Business So Important?? (Why are Google My Business listings so important?)

  • 46% of all searches on Google are local
  • Google 3-pack tops the list in 93% of searches with local intent. (Google 3-pack appears in the top spot in 93% of searches with local intent)
  • 18% of mobile local searches lead to a sale within one day.
  • 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases, and 71% of people surveyed search and verify a business location before their first visit (78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases, and 71% of the people surveyed say they look up and confirm the location of a business before going to it for the very first time. Local SEO is very important.) Source:

Local By the Numbers-Welcome to my FREE Local SEO Course

  • KFC saw a 60% increase in route request (direction) clicks due to improved online visibility, increasing revenue from local searches (KFC saw an increase in online visibility which led to a 60% increase in clicks on directions resulting in a 16 % increase in revenue from local search. ): If the franchise headquarters supplies raw materials to franchisees, adopting Google Local Information (GMB) marketing can increase revenue by 16%. Google Local Information (GMB) is a means of generating revenue by adding marketing (publicity) means . (Transaction revenue model can be applied.) Source: _

case study - kfc


2. Google often shows 3 Google Local Information (GMB) (Google 3-pack ) at the top of the search results.

  • Above general webpage search, above video, above image search result  exposed. This is why you should use Google Maps rather than Naver Maps and Daum Maps.  These strengths are on mobile It stands out moremobile Scrolling in search results not necessary will be displayed on the first screen. (However, it is displayed after advertisements with paid advertisements.)


3. Google Places is the information consumers perceive and trust as most relevant (to the results of their searches).

구글 지역 정보는 소비자가 검색하는 결과와 가장 관련이 높다고 인식하고 신뢰하는 정보입니다
  • Local search results : Local information search results
  • Natural search results : Google general search results
  • Paid search results : Paid search results
  • Paid results : Paid banner ad search results
  • Source: Google Local Pack Is 233 Percent More Important


4. For nearly 9 out of 10 people, online reviews are just as important as personal recommendations. 90% of customers’ buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

GMB reviews are published under real names. (Source: )

For nearly 9 out of 10 people, online reviews are as important as personal recommendations


Naver and Daum also provide map registration (region information registration) services. In the past, if you registered your business on the map of these portal sites well, it was exposed in search results and helped with your business. The following provides paid advertising services.

Bidding is made in the form of a combination of the region name and keywords, and an advertisement contract is usually signed every 12 months, which costs more than 600,000 won per year.

As a result of searching for inflows through Google Analytics customized search, there are 3 to 6 inflows per month. It cannot be counted. (For reference, in the case of Naver, you could count the number of calls to the store if you took the store number separately.)

When registration is complete, it will be displayed on the Google search results page and also on the map.

GMB_ Google search results exposureGMB_ Google Maps Search Results Exposure




customer benefits


1. Free

  • There is no charge for registration, impressions and clicks. As long as you continue your business, ji-hoo!
  • The biggest advantage of registering with Google Maps is that it is free. Once registered, there is no additional fee for later. In addition, more than 95% of smartphone users are using a Google phone (Android phone). If you register, the default search engine for Google Phone (Android phone) is Google (browser is Chrome). It is supposed to show the search results, so local business information is very well exposed on the smartphone.


2. It is displayed at the top of general Google searches and also on map searches to help customers find your business.

  • DESKTOP: 3 companies are exposed in the local information section at the top. If there is no competitor, it is displayed in half a page size on the right side.
  • MOBILE: The top 3 companies on the first page are exposed (it takes precedence over all search results including organic searches. If there is no competitor, only your business information will be posted on the entire page). Being on the first page of Google search results is a miracle. However, local information is exposed as an exception.
  • Search for ‘Jjajangmyeon’ on your mobile phone. Google recognizes this as ‘find a jjajangmyeon restaurant’ and provides information about nearby Chinese restaurants.
  • If you search How to (eg, how to make kimchi stew), the video will appear at the top, and if you search What is (eg, Rash Guard), the image will appear at the top. This is because Google’s artificial intelligence understands the search intent of the searcher and displays the results.


GMB_Example of Google Search and Google Map Search Results Exposure

If there is no registered competitor within 8km, be sure to take the first place.  The standard for location within the distance is within a radius of 805m, within 1.6km, within 8km, and within 32.2km, but within 8km is the default. When a company name is exposed by mixing keywords, the keyword is exposed in two places on the Google search result page and on Google map. ) works. 


3. Useful information is displayed.

  • Hours of operation / map / photo / (about your business) description / description of the business, such as products/products/menu/services and their prices, etc.


4. You can secure communication channels with customers. You can also promote promotions and discount events (events, coupons).

5. Google Hangouts If you use Google Hangouts On Air ( Google video call service ) , you can induce customer participation through video calls.

You can create instant video content. It can be shared across multiple channels. You can share directly on social media.


6. Gain insight into your customers

: Provides statistical data on ‘how customers search for your business, search terms used to find your business, Google products that customers use when searching for your business, customer actions, etc.’


7. If you have your own site, you can precisely track the traffic (position, clicks, post-click actions, etc.) of websites (homepage/shopping mall) linked to Google My Business using Google Search Console and analytics tools. There is.

GMB Performance and (online) SEO Performance Analysis_3_Web Hits_Google Search Console

8. Manage reviews easily.

Most prospects make a decision whether to buy from you or not based on what people say about your business. That’s why customer reviews are extremely important.

Google My Business is the best place to get reviews. You can view and respond to reviews from the dashboard.


9.   Responsive website delivery

It makes your online business easy. From the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard, you can even create a responsive website for you (which works well on smartphones).


Comparison with competing products (Naver Blog/ Naver Smart Place)


  • Naver Blog

– Blog marketing is extremely difficult as blogs opened before 2015 are exposed at the top.


– It is possible to create a web page including basic company information through Naver My Business

– Naver (consultation) Talk Talk & reservation system available

– Structure that is difficult for searchers to find in natural search

– Can’t comment

– The top exposure ranking factor is based on the existing Naver blog link


  • Naver local advertisement

– When paid, it is exposed to the top on PC, but on mobile it is not exposed to the top, so it is ignored by advertisers and is discontinued.


  • Daum area advertisement ( Source: [Apply for keyword advertisement] )

– Paid advertising available through a professional partner agency contracted with Daum

– At the time of Local 2018., the following paid local advertisements were available

– The cost usually starts from 10,000 won to 20,000 won per month, and some keywords cost more than 500,000 won per month.

– The number of months of purchase is at least 4 to 6 months, and you can choose between 12 months.

–  5% discount for 6 months, 10% discount for 1 year

Our strengths: Google My Business registration agency


How to post local information on Google (3 ways)

  1. Google Local Guides Register Location (Business Local Information): Google Local Guides can also register businesses on Google Maps. However, you cannot claim (verify) the ownership of the business, and you cannot operate Google My Business (GMB), so you can only do simple tasks such as commenting (review) and uploading photos.
  2. Owner directly registers through Google My Business: Whether the owner directly uses GMB or entrusts a registration agency, to use Google local information properly, you must first verify ownership through Google My Business (GMB). 
  3. Register through Google My Business registration agency

The contents that can be registered vary greatly depending on the registration entity.


 We  It is a Google My Business agency registered with Google.

Google My Business Certification Agency

Google My Business agency can see all the information and achievements of numerous businesses that have commissioned the registration agency, and get inspiration, experience and know-how to get better exposure of your local information and more results. We take care of optimizing it for you.


Google local information registration agency is basic, we provide the highest level of search engine optimization ( search engine exposure , SEO) service .


For more detailed information, please see the proposal below.


PPT file

Google My Business_GMB_Proposal.ppt  :  If you prefer a PPT file, click to download and use it.

Check out the excellent advertising performance of Google Local Information

  • We have prepared this so that you can visualize the performance of the companies we acted for. (Please click the link below to check.) : Check how many impressions, searches, and how often customers react. If you do, I will give you access.)
  • / You can also click the image below to go to that page.
  • That link was made with Google Data Studio which imports and visualizes data from GMB as an API.  If there is a problem with the Internet or communication with the server side (GMB API) is not smooth, values or tables may not be displayed properly. If you contact us, we will send you a separate pdf file. You can check the August 2021 pdf data by clicking the link on the left ( _Excellent_Performance_August 2021_August 2021.pdf of Google Local Information ).

Outstanding Performance of Google Local - Page Views - Summary


Outstanding Performance of Google Local Information - Page Views - By Company


Outstanding Performance of Google Locals-Search Impressions-Summary

Outstanding performance of Google local information-Search impressions-By company


service price

서비스명 [초급 검색엔진최적화(SEO)]
비즈니스 소유권 인증 및 기본정보 등록 서비스
[중급 검색엔진최적화(SEO)]
상세 등록 서비스(간편 웹사이트 제작 포함)
[고급 검색엔진최적화(SEO)]
내용소유권 인증
(인증후 구글 마이비즈니스 운용 가능)
상호, 연락처, 영업시간, 태그, 라벨,
설명 등 기초 정보 등록
기초 정보 외 로고, 표지 사진 등
상세 정보 등록
이미지 최적화, 동영상 최적화 & upload좌동
메뉴(제품/상품) 등록좌동
서비스 등록좌동
댓글에 댓글 달기, 좋아요좌동
포스트(새 소식, 이벤트, 쿠폰, 할인) 올리기
및 SNS 공유
질문하기 기능(카톡 같은 기능)
활성화하고 보내기
백링크 생성(50개 이상)
Local Schema /
Topical Relevance를
web page 스키마로 적용하기
utm 매개변수 넣어주어
노출수, 클릭수, 게시순위 분석하기
상위노출 성과 측정 및 재시도
원하시는 키워드 10개를 제시하시면
이들 키워드들중 2개의 키워드 조합으로
3개의 키워드를 3위안에 노출
금액일회 10만원40 만원 = 10 만원 * 4개월80 만원 = 10 만원 * 8 개월



Those who are burdened with the service price

Google Places is the highlight of our search engine optimization efforts and is the fastest-performing part of our search engine optimization efforts.  I assure you, it is the surest free marketing tool for small business owners who are struggling in a difficult business environment like today.

If there are any bosses (marketers) who are burdened with the price of our services, please check the post below and register and operate them yourself, and I hope that your business will grow.



구글 지역 검색(Google Local Searches) : 구글 마이비즈니스(GMB), 구글지도(google maps) (2)(Troubleshooting(FAQ), SEO tip, 구글 지역 검색 결과 순위를 확인할 수 있는 솔루션들)


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